Samantha Petty


I am an art major at St. Edward's University in Austin. I enjoy painting, cooking, traveling, reading, and most of all, imagining beautiful things. If you are interested in commissioning my work, or would like to inquire about painted shoes, please contact me via e-mail.

Artist Statement: “I like to think about being present, and even more so, capturing an infinite moment, a feeling perhaps. The fragility and exquisiteness of life fascinates me. In today’s society, the perception of what it means to be beautiful is sadly warped. It inspires me to illustrate the splendor I see in everyone around me. I see my role as an artist to be a creator of culture. My work largely consists of ink illustrations of people I know personally. In addition to depicting pure physical representations, the abstract component of these drawings aim to address an individual’s mental powers, or in other words, to capture the beauty of personality.

I prefer 2-D media and indulge in my obsession with human form, specifically the face. I consistently favor two styles, bold primary paintings and intricate ink illustrations. When I paint, I am amazed by the potential of color and often work with vibrant hues in a very stylized manner. When I draw, I long to capture accurately and honestly. I am interested in finding balance in color, details, and composition as I further develop my concept. I aim to express beyond the limitation of words and illustrate the beautiful world I see through the filter of my eyes.”